Beranda Investasi Bisnis Global Collaboration for a Sustainable and Prosperous Indonesia

    Global Collaboration for a Sustainable and Prosperous Indonesia

    Jakarta, 3 September 2020, the CEO of PT FITT Akza Internasional, Mr Philip Sulaiman signed a MOU with the CEO Mr. Richard Ruijtenbeek of RRR-Advice from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to collaborate for project development in Indonesia to engage the common goal to develop the most sustainable infrastructures possible. This collaboration was initiated by Mr. Damy Heezen as Country Director Indonesia for the World Economic Summit and representative of Global Changemakers Network Amsterdam, who signed the MOU as witness and will be the local coordinator and manager to ensure the efficiency of the global collaboration.

    Press Release Global Collaboration

    The collaboration is made to aim on creating a prosperous and most sustainable future for Indonesia by combining their knowledge, experience and global networks in the fields of financial solutions and sustainable technologies and design for project development of all kinds of infrastructures, where both parties already are successful for many years.

    PT FITT Akza Internasional is based in Jakarta with their major activities that involve financing consultancy, business owner in minerals, and working with sustainable projects.

    FITT has a partnership with Xeon Luxembourg and or their asset management and financing consultancy for Indonesian Infrastructure projects, but also for Thailand and Micronesia. In the search for experts in sustainable development and design, Mr. Philip Sulaiman met Mr. Damy Heezen who introduced him to Mr. Ruijtenbeek.

    Ms. Mandala Soottapintu, a self taught banker and financial expert who has experiences into commodity trading (sugar, rice, medical items), properties, 20-over years in agro business, and  financial bank instruments. She is an international Business Development Director in PT.Fitt Akza Internasional who is in charge for Thailand, and Micronesia.

    RRR-Advice is national and international already active for more than 15 years in sustainable project design, development, sustainable innovation, management, implementation and training for Dutch companies, Universities, local governments and the national government of The Netherlands, but also in countries like Senegal, Congo and Bangladesh.

    Recently Mr. Ruijtenbeek received the title Energy Ambassador of Amsterdam as reward for his involvement in several projects for sustainable transformation of existing infrastructures.

    More info about their international projects on

    At the moment RRR-advice is working together with their partners for the government of The Netherlands to prepare the master planning, management structures and transformation to achieve the goals that The Netherlands agreed with the Paris Agreement to create 0 CO2 emission and 0 waste for all existing and future infrastructure development in 2050.

    With this collaboration Mr. Philip Sulaiman of PT FITT Akza Internasional wants to involve the global network of mr. Damy Heezen and RRR-Advice to support the Indonesian government with their goal in aiming to make Indonesia the most sustainable country in the world in 2030!

    For more information contact Mr. Philip Sulaiman via email [email protected]

    Or Damy Heezen via email [email protected]

    Signed on 28 August

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